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1st Goat Born and Thanking Jesus for the New Uganda Fellowship

As seen in the videos below, we congregated yesterday (Sunday) upon our return and updated the brethren on our Uganda mission and we are praising Jesus for the new fellowship that has formed. After a lengthy discussion with the Kenyan brethren together with the Ugandan brethren, trying to plan on how the Uganda fellowship will be taken care of, we agreed on the following.

1.That due to long distances between one group of the brethren on the Eastern and the other one on the northern side of kapnandi district, we will have to divide the congregation into two groups.This will be profitable for both groups because this will enable them congregate easily and they can without much struggle acces the agreed meeting places.

2.That for now we pray and choose a brother from each group who will be a condact person for us,to report and update me on the development of the fellowship.

3.That I will have to organize myself in order to make many frequent visits to Uganda until the brethren are well equipped in the Lord and properly understand our doctrine.

Moisbridge church has now enough brothers in all the four fellowships who are capable of overseeing the church in my absence.so as per now I am ready to spend enough time with the ugandan brethren until we mentor brothers whom we can depend on. So to achieve this we have a few prayer requests for the Uganda fellowship.

1: That we provide two tecno phones, model T528 costing ksh 2500 ($25USD).each for the two brothers.

2: That we provide 2 swahili bibles that cost ksh 1000 ($10) each. One bible for each congregation. More can be bought later for the members that come after as the Lord provides (if we buy 20 they are $7 USD each).

3: That later, if financial situation allows, we buy them 10 swahili song books (nyimbo za injili) costing ksh 250 (2.50 USD)each .

4: That also if financial situation allows we provide at least 10 head scarves for sisters’ head covering…each cost’s ksh 250.

No hurry on this brother. We can do it bit by bit as the Lord permits. I want to deeply thank you all who give from my heart for making this journey possible. I wish and pray to one day travel with you these kinds of journeys again and again if God wills it. We also have out 1st goat born after starting the Goat program a couple months back. A buck, praise Jesus! May God bless the obedient. – Bro Haron Wanjala (Indigenous Kenyan Overseer)

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