The Day Brother Hillary Repented to Christ Jesus

A November 2018 Convert is on Fire for Jesus in Western Kenya


Hello brethren,

Do you remember this video from mid-November last year from a new fellowship we started there?
Click here for that update and I will post the video clip below:

We were praying for two sons of a Sister from our Wamuini fellowship. We have been disciplining them for some months and God has really worked on one of them. The young one (in short sleeve shirt) is turning out to be a very bold soldier for Jesus. He visited the Moisbridge fellowship on Sunday and it was wonderful.

Genuine repentance leads to total change and rehabilitation of a sinner’s life. A former drug/alcohol addict is now boldly preaching Jesus Christ the Savior. We had updated about this brother accepting Jesus last November (2018). Six months down the line, he is on fire for Jesus not only in church extorting other, but also in market places and homes preaching repentance. The photo and video above is his life on the day he was receiving Jesus Christ. Below and six months later, he is on fire for God and preaching the Gospel! Join us in helping reach more souls. -Bro Haron Wanjala

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