A Traditionalist is Drawn to Jesus in Moi’s Bridge Kenya

MOI’S BRIDGE KENYA UPDATE 11-25-2018: Hello dear brethrEN, we praise Jesus in all that we pass through and in all that we encounter in this life while serving Him, our Almighty God. Not been feeling well for the last 3 days but I thank God on everything. On Wednesday, we visited a home of a young man who is a total traditionalist. This young man is really depended on by the Bukusu community in our village when it comes to performing traditional circumcision. He inherited this unrighteous and sinful way from his late grandfather. For two hours as we were evangelizing, he listened to us preach Jesus to him and a few of his customers who had come seeking for his services. He jokingly requested us to pray for Him to visit us in our church. Yes, we surely prayed for this lost soul and he came on Sunday, Praise Jesus. He is the one with a sports t-shirt written number 9 in blue in the video below. He only said his name and asked for prayers that he may understand more about Jesus. We are praying for him and we request you pray too so that together, our prayer for this man’s soul will be heard by God. We thank God for our sponsors (GMFC) who supply our monthly financial needs for our ministry. The donations have really enabled us cover quite a big ground in our ministry of orphans and widows as well as distributing our pure water life saving filters and outreach mission (preaching repentance the Lost souls. We say a prayer of thanksgiving for what our God is doing for us and the our other dear brethren on the other mission fields. The song we are signing below says that we only become sons and daughters of God after repenting and walking holy, thus receiving remission of our sins through the blood of Jesus. God bless all who abide in HIM. -Haron Wanjala
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