Naituri Kenya Fellowship Forms For Jesus Banner

Naitiri Kenya is Hearing the True Gospel of Jesus as Fellowship Forms

Tuesday January 18th, 2022: I am traveling to Naitiri Kenya here is another fellowship and I will be here for three days for evangelism and discipleship. Saturday January 22th, 2022: We did some house to house evangelism as we normally do in other places and so far two women haveRead More

Moisbridge Kenya and Uganda 2021 Update Jesus is Lord banner

Rift Valley Kenya & Uganda 2021 Mission Recap

As the year 2021 comes to the end, I, on behalf of Moisbridge, Keya GMFC/WFF mission, Uganda and now the newly born Isbania, Kenya mission wish to give heartfelt and uncounted thanks especially to God and to you dear brother for your tireless prayers for us. This year, just asRead More

Mois Bridge Kenya Rift Valley Kenya Banner December 2021 Update

Bro Haron Visits Rift Valley Kenya Mission Fields

This month brother Haron is visiting all the Rift Valley Kenya mission fields he oversees. In the last few years, dozens of souls have truly repented; whether from other religions, cults and also lukewarm, false, Revelation3:16 “Christianity”. His report is below. Hello dear brother. It’ has been a blessing toRead More

Isbania 4 Jesus Evangelistic Kenyan Meeting Banner

Weeks of House to House Evangelism Leads to an Incredible Open Air Weekend Meeting

Friday, November 12th, 2021: Hello dear brother. A prayer request for these two old women too please. Yesterday as I was on my way I heard voices from a home saying “it’s better to die than suffering like this”. I entered in the home and found two women, one wasRead More

GMFC WFF Isbania Kenya for Jesus Introducing Banner

Righteous Seeds Planted on a New Mission Field in Isbania Kenya

Monday, November 1st, 2021: Hello dear brethren, I arrived safely at Isbania, resting today and together with brother Chacha start making arrangements for our upcoming meeting. I want to ensure the area government officials are informed, so, I gave ample time on this trip for that. Back home, the churchRead More

bROTHER Paul ministering for Jesus banner

It’s all About Fishing for Souls and Discipleship – Brother Paul Update

The seed of righteousness was planted back in April 2018 as you can see here (last paragraph – April 30th, 2018 Update). Brother Haron and the Moi’s Bridge Kenyan brethren were evangelizing as they do all the time. A drunkard named Paul broke down and humbled himself and look whatRead More

Isbania Kenya New Mission Field latrine Prayer

A New Mission Field is Born in Isbania Kenya

The Truth is being spread to another part of Kenya right on the border of Tanzania as we have been praying to evangelize in that country also. Brother Haron’s blessed update below with a very humble request to the readers: Dear brethren, how are you doing. Just As I hadRead More

There is no Other Faith than Working Faith

September 5th, 2021: Greetings dear brethren. We are very great full for this God given opportunity to serve our master Jesus Christ here in Uganda. We also thank God for the Kenyan brethrens safe journey. Most of them arrived safely as planned and we are expecting the rest tomorrow. They’llRead More

Mois Bridge Kenya Uganda Brethren Jesus Christians

30 Days in Uganda 4 Jesus

August 17th, 2021: Hello brethren, I am in Uganda 4 Jesus and I arrived safely today at about 6:40pm our time here. I will rest the whole of tomorrow then later in the evening meet brethren to map out how they are planning to engage me throughout the one monthRead More

Moi's Bridge Kenya Uganda Jesus Christians Sponsor a Child Banner

Many Leave the Godless Ecumenical Baha’i Faith in Kenya

July 5th, 2021: We traveled to the home of the Baha’i faith man we met last week. Some of their leaders came also but we couldn’t talk much because the elders were not welcoming at all. They kept on interrupting us until the owners of the home couldn’t hear usRead More

Widows Chickens Bibles Mois Bridge Rift Valley Kenya Banner

Bibles, Chickens and Heavenly Worship in Rift Valley Kenya

Hello dear brother. It has been a very busy week going round and through villages for house to house outreach preaching but glory to God one Soul is saved from sin and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ. I will update on Bibles and chicken distribution today in the evening GodRead More

Moisbridge Kenyan Brethren Update Banner May 2021

From Islam to Jesus in Kenya

The tireless evangelism that happens on all our mission fields is planting seeds of righteousness. We rejoice as the 1st Muslim has converted to Christianity from bro Haron’s preaching this week. Haron updates: I am going out with brother Paul for outreach preaching and then later today I will beRead More

Uganda Widows Home Build Update Banner 5-6-2021

The Working Faith of a Few Blesses Many in Uganda

An example of working faith is a $700 donation from 10,000 miles away (yes, $700 USD) which leads a few widows (including one taking care of her 6 grandchildren) and a widower with 4 children out of leaky, dilapidated homes into brand new ones. Further, those who are witnessing thisRead More

Mois bridge Kenya Uganda Christians Fishing for souls Banner

Fishing for Souls in Uganda

Apr 12, 2021, 1:42 PM: Hello brother Jimmy, this is an update from our Uganda mission fields as we went fishing for souls. The pictures you see are part of the evangelism outreach work we did here. Many come to hear us out but very few stand out openly toRead More

Working Faith Fellowship Brethren Building a latrine in Uganda Global Mission for Children bANNER

A New Latrine & Seeds 4 the Ugandan Brethren

March 31, 2021, 3:39 PM: Greetings dear brother Jimmy from the Ugandan Brethren. After about 4 days since we last communicated, we have something to rejoice about together. After covering about 15 kilometers walk each day through Bumbu and the neighboring villages, 4 souls have given their lives to Christ.Read More

uganda heavenly nets kenya Jesus Christians

Evangelizing 2 Fill Heavenly Nets in Kenya & Uganda

These dear fisher of men have sacrificed it all to obey Jesus and fill heavenly nets. Brother Haron updates us below of the evangelistic efforts in Western Kenya & Eastern Uganda. Please click here to help us reach more souls if you are able. March 15, 2021: Hello dear brotherRead More

Kologono Kenya Small Fellowship banner Kenya for Jesus

Spiritual Needs & Physical Necessities Fulfilled

March 1st, 2021: Hello dear brethren. At Kolongolo church, I wanted to minister to brethren in small groups as this helps me identify areas which they need spiritual assistance most. So, we came together to worship a Holy God; to pray, to hear God’s Word, to fellowship and encourage eachRead More

Kenya Goat Mission Program raise Jesus God Banner

Moi’s Bridge Kenya Goat Update

Below you will see the video update for the Goat program we started in Kenya last year. A blessing to serve Jesus in all we do. Please consider helping these brethren as they labour for the Lord day and night. SPONSOR A CHILD SPONSOR A WIDOW

Kenya Bible Project Bibles for Uganda Africa

Living the Word of God in Western Kenya and Eastern Uganda

WATCH THIS VIDEO IN IT’S ENTIRETY Jan 26th, 2021 Greetings from Eastern Uganda, we arrived safely. The saints here send their greetings and much thanks for your prayers and support. They openly confess that they never stop praying for you. The new motorcycle is the miracle they least expected thisRead More

Salvation and sewing in Moi's Bridge Kenya

Salvation and Sewing in Moi’s Bridge Kenya

FELLOSHIP & MISSION UPDATE 1-17-2020: Hello dear brethren, we a had a great and blessed Lord’s Day. Our main reading was from the book of 2nd Timothy 3:1-7. Sammy, the young man who visited us last Sunday repented of all his sins and accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior.Read More

GMFC WFF Uganda Update - Bibles Given & Widows Home Needed

Bibles Distributed & Widows Home is Needed

Praise Jesus. We managed by God’s grace to visit and meet brethren for fellowship. We were also privileged to hold a bigger meeting at brother Masafus home. Providing new Swahili bibles has indeed been a huge blessing to Ugandan brethren. A sister aged 60 years openly confessed that it wasRead More

Washing Each Others Feet GMFC Mois Brige Kenya Banner

Serving Jesus by Working Faith in Kolongolo and Wamwini Kenya

For the past one week, we have been having very blessed house to house fellowships with the brethren from both Kolongolo and Wamwini churches. We interacted, read bible together, had foot washing, made home visits, prayed for the sick and partook in holy communion together. See the video updates below.Read More

Cowpeas and Sweet Potatoes WFF GMFC Fellowship Mois Bridge Kenya Jesus Christian Farming

Sowing and Reaping in Moi’s Bridge Kenya

God has given us a lot of cowpea vegetables this year; more than enough for us, the widows in church and the needy. We also planted sweet potatoes. The Vines will benefit our goats in the dry months and we will harvest the potatoes for the widows and the orphans.Read More

Global Mission for Children Uganda Church fellowship

The Ugandan Disciples Grow

Hello dear brethren, much greetings from the Ugandan brethren. I have told them about our oversees brethren and many are saying prayers for you. We had wonderful gatherings in different areas in Kapnandi district. Brethren here are really hungry for God. They travel from different places covering very long longRead More

The Kapnandi Uganda WFF GMFC Fellowship Banner November 2 2020

The Uganda Fellowship Marches Forward for Jesus

Hello dear brethren, greetings from Kapnandi, Uganda. We really appreciate your prayers and support for this Uganda mission. The Lord called us to make disciples and not just converts. Here at Kapnandi, Uganda. we are making converts that become true disciples of Jesus Christ as commanded. Making disciples is ourRead More

afripads banner 900 300

A Personal Request from Dear Young Sisters in Kenya

I received a humble and urgent request from our Kenyan mission fields. I pray you join me in helping these precious souls that have to choose between personal products and food. Here is the request from our indigenous missionary, brother Haron Wanjala: Hello dear brother Jimmy, how are you? ForRead More

Helping the Needy in Moisbridge Kenya Jesus Donate Christian World Vision

A Thank You From Mois Bridge Kenya

Hello dear brethren. We have been busy reaching the poor and the needy with supplies of food and some necessities. Many have been laid off from their work for months due to the lockdown. Even those who would earlier support their families are now themselves needy. We appreciate your prayersRead More

1st Goat Born on Mission Field in Moi's Bridge Kenya banner

1st Goat Born and Thanking Jesus for the New Uganda Fellowship

As seen in the videos below, we congregated yesterday (Sunday) upon our return and updated the brethren on our Uganda mission and we are praising Jesus for the new fellowship that has formed. After a lengthy discussion with the Kenyan brethren together with the Ugandan brethren, trying to plan onRead More

1st Mission Trip to Uganda Banner Kenya

Crossing the River Suam to Evangelize in Uganda

Many years we have been praying to evangelize and start a fellowship in Uganda. It’s finally coming to fruition as many prayers are being answered. Bro Haron updates below (9/25/2020). Hello faithful brethren,We managed on Monday to travel and arrived safely in kapnandi village in Uganda. On this mission, asRead More

4 Western Kenya Fellowships Congregate in a Corn Storehouse Banner

4 Western Kenya Fellowships Meet in a Corn Storehouse

In the midst of worldwide chaos where lost souls are looting, working to feed their flesh and attending false “seeker sensitive churches“, the peace of Jesus resides in the hearts of his few children in some of the most impoverished places on earth. Join me in helping send out moreRead More

Rift Valley Kenya Eldorat Jesus Christian Donate to the Poor Kenya

Open-Air Church Meetings in Kenya

Nothing on this earth shall stop the gathering of the saints. Bro Haron updates: Professing ‘Christians’ will not have good reasons before God why they aren’t reaching out the lost with the gospel as commanded by our lord in THE GREAT COMMISSION. Last week I visited several homes both ofRead More

mOIS bRIDGE kENYA Rift Valley Christians Banner

Updates From the 4 Rift Valley Kenya Fellowships

Things are getting tough to poor families due to the COVID-19 restrictions. It’s even more tougher to children who are orphans and those from extremely poor homes.We continue with our Hunger Relief Outreach campaign spending every shilling we receive to buy and deliver food to their families so that theyRead More

Salvation in Moi's Bridge Build Goat Fence in One Day Banner

The Blessed Children of Moi’s Bridge Build a Goat Fence in One Day

It’s amazing when you train up children in the way they should go… Bro Haron updates. Praise JESUS. We are through with the Goat fence and thanks goes to God for these young hard working boys. By their input we were able to finish the work in less a day.Read More

kolongolo kenya GMFC WFF fellowship widows Jesus banner collage

The Precious Widows from our Kolongolo Fellowship

Two days of brotherly love and blessings with our precious brethren from our Kolongolo fellowship. Surely Our God is so gracious. We had an opportunity to serve and bless the widows with the necessities of physical life, food. We also worshiped the Lord Jesus and exhorted the brethren in theRead More

Widows Coronavirus Food Program Jesus Christian

Some Light in the Midst of a Devastating Lockdown

The impoverished 3rd World is being devastated by the lockdown. When one makes an average of $3 USD per day and it’s suddenly gone, they have no money to eat. There are no government food programmes, no “soup kitchens”, etc. So many professing “Christians” in the 1st World will beRead More

Moisbridge Goats Banner Collage

Momma & 2 Baby Milk Goats Arrive in Moi’s Bridge (UPDATE)

We rejoice with the Moi’s Bridge brethren as the 1st three goats arrived on our mission field. These precious animals, along with two others we will be receiving by Friday, will provide incredibly nutritious milk for dozens of brethren. We are praying to get goats for our two other KenyanRead More

Moisbridge Children Widows Banner WFF Kenya

Children Worshiping Jesus & a Huge Blessing for Widows in Kenya

We are doing all we can during this worldwide lock-down as it has greatly affected the 3rd World in a disastrous way. Bro Haron updates: When Mama Nanyama (in the video below ) was age 50, she lost her husband and all her four sons because of post election conflictsRead More

Moisbridge Flood Relief GLFC WFF Kenya flooding

You can be Part of Helping these Precious Souls

This month again a few blessed souls stepped up and helped us provide for over 20 families in western Kenya that were ravaged by the incredibly destructive flooding in May. We still have multiple homes that need to be rebuilt for just $500USD each. Haron Updates below: God bless GMFCRead More

Widow Rebuilt home Rift Valley Eldorat Kenya

2 Homes Built & the Goat Pen Underway in Moi’s Bridge

Although we have 8 more homes to repair or completely rebuild for our dear brethren in our Moi’s Bridge fellowship, we rejoice that 2 homes have been completely rebuilt and 2 others almost repaired. Rejoice with this precious sister in the video’s below and help us get the others fundedRead More

Kenya Missions Update

How Beautiful are the Feet of Them That Preach the Gospel

Brother Haron updates below: Hello brother Jimmy. We are all fine. The COVID-19 mess has caused a lot of brethren here to be jobless and has reduced even those hard working brothers and sisters to depend on well wishers. For example, our tailoring project had to stop working until afterRead More

haron EDWIN proclaiming the Good News during Coronavirus Kenya

Coronavirus is no Match for the Godly Warriors of Kenya

A true Christian is not depressed, anxious or fearful! This holds true as the dear indigenous missionaries in Kenya are open-air preaching on the streets of Kenya as many need to be Spiritually healed! Brother Haron updates: “We just finished 15hrs fellowship with brothers Hamisi and Masika at Kaptien. GodRead More

moisbridge banner collage kenya Jesus

More Souls Surrender in Western Kenya

UPDATE 3:20:2020: Hello dear brethren. Thanks so much for your prayers and financial support. I am back home from Kolongolo where we had 3 days of evangelistic meetings with 3 more souls added to the Lord. We did house to house witnessing of the gospel to brother Fred’s neighborhood fromRead More

ministering to the lost drunkard

Help Support the Good Samaritans in Kenya

I recently came across an ardent drunkard who spends every coin he gets on alcohol. He has severally been advised to cease drinking but never listens. His wife says “his habitual drinking has brought shame to the family. Sometimes, he follows his allies to drinking places and coming home, weRead More

moringa moisbridge adult CHILDren neem malarix

The Seeds of the Righteous Bring Life in Moi’s Bridge

Children experience a double blessing in Moisbridge. Not just a cup of porridge but porridge mixed with the superfood moringa packed with just about every vitamin, mineral and amino acid for complete nutrition. The great problem is we don’t have enough to supply everyone in our fellowships, so, we askRead More

Malarix Kenya Medicine Morinag Nutrition Christian Poop

Jesus’ Servants Bring Relief to the Suffering

Important strides are being made to fight malaria in Moisbridge area which mainly affects people living in rural remote areas. The national network of health centers and posts normally give out mosquito nets to pregnant women in big towns but fail to reach out to the rural and remote areasRead More

GMFC WFF Moisbridge Kenya banner update

Helping Elderly Grandmothers in Moi’s Bridge Kenya

With blessed support from GMFC, we have been able to provide a supply of rice and beans to some of the most vulnerable homes where orphans are under our care stay in Moisbridge Mlimani village. Many of the guardians are elderly grandmothers and these women are generally the ones whoRead More

GMFC WFF Moisbridge Kenya Haron Blessing Calf to Widow BANNER


At Moisbridge mission field, GMFC is by God’s grace is currently supporting 17 Widows. We are spending ksh 1500 ($15 USD) on each monthly. We came up with an idea on how to support them more effectively. We agreed that each one of them to surrender 500 ($5 USD) fromRead More

Brother Masaai's Funeral 12-31-2019 banner

A Dear Brother is at Rest

We were finally able to retrieve dear brother Masaai’s body and give it a proper burial. Of course we don’t participate in the pagan practices so many do in Kenya at a funeral. We use it as a blessed opportunity to call souls to repentance by preaching the true GospelRead More

Christians in Kenya Mois Bridge

Year End Meeting in Wamuini Kenya

We opened up our fellowship in Wamuini , Kenya to the public for a few days of evangelism, exhortation, questions, etc. What a success! Below is the update from brother Haron, one of our indigenous leaders in Kenya. The death of Our dear 30 year old brother Masaai last weekRead More

GMFC Evangelism Children Mois Bridge Western Kenya

The Precious Children of Kenya

We use many forms of evangelism like door to door, open-air, gospel tracts & coins, etc. Children are no exception and these gospel coins and tracts are not only great teaching tools for memorization and sharing, they are also treasured by these children of God who are not bombarded withRead More

a blessed wedding dress in kenya

A Blessed Wedding & Evangelism in Western Kenya

It’s a blessing beyond measure to announce our first wedding at our newest fellowship in Wamuini, Kenya. Brother Haron reports: “Yesterday we had a first wedding/marriage in our church at the Wamuini fellowship. It was one of its kind. No cars, no cake, no spending on wedding invitation cards etc.Read More

Salvation, Life Saving Food & Evangelizing the JW’s in Moi’s Bridge Kenya

Mois Bridge September 15th Update Banner collage

Witchcraft & Lukewarm Spies in Kenya

9-15-2019 MOI’S BRIDGE KENYA UPDATE: Some communities here in Kenya still hold dear some strange cultural practices that are based on unfounded myths and ignorance. Four years ago, a nasty incident happened in Namugoi village in Saboti Constituency in Trans Nzoia County where a woman died due to complications whileRead More

A Dire Medical Need

Our dear mission leader in Western Kenya had a biological younger brother named Joseph get shot in the head while shopping on June 24th, 2019. He was in a coma for days and finally came to. He was operated on in mid-August and we the brethren were able to payRead More

First Moi's Bridge Water Well collage

Help us Build 2 More Water Wells in Western Kenya

*** MATCHING DONOR UP TO $1000*** We reunited with Julius who helped us build wells for the impoverished way back in 2013. We lost touch but by the Grace of God, we recently reunited and he has offered to dig wells for us labour free ($460 for materials). I amRead More

Violet Siphrose Salvation Banner Global Mission for Children Christians in Kenya

Heaven Rejoices for Violet from Western Kenya

I highly urge you to follow this heartwarming and miraculous story from the 1st post I did. Saints (those of you abiding in and obeying Christ Jesus), you will be highly blessed! Start at the 1st part from April 25, 2019. Click here. Then read the follow-up post from MayRead More

Kolongolo Kenya GMFC WFF Fellowship

A New Fellowship of Saints is Born in Kolongolo Kenya

HARON UPDATES FROM WESTERN KENYA ON MAY 23RD, 2019: Hello dear brethren. On Friday, the 25th of this month, God willing we will be again covering close to 350kms deep into a remote village called Kolongolo, about 100kms from Kenya/ South Sudan border. A dear beloved and genuine brother byRead More

The Day Brother Hillary Repented to Christ Jesus

A November 2018 Convert is on Fire for Jesus in Western Kenya

WESTERN KENYA UPDATE MAY 13TH, 2019: Hello brethren, Do you remember this video from mid-November last year from a new fellowship we started there? Click here for that update and I will post the video clip below: We were praying for two sons of a Sister from our Wamuini fellowship.Read More

moisbridge collage uupdate kenya kitale rift valley Jesus God

A New Fellowship is Born in Wamuthoni (Western) Kenya

UPDATE MAY 6TH 2019 Brother Haron reports: On Tuesday, I traveled to Kitale to start a new fellowship. A brother and his wife have been coming once per month to our Moisbridge fellowship.They introduced two of their neighbors to Jesus and they wanted to talk to the family’s Pastor, so,Read More

GMFC WFF Mois Bridge Kenya HIV Aids Kenya

Walking with the Oppressed in Western Kenya

Brother Haron continues the story of a young widow who is HIV positive: “Brother Paul accompanied me to the home of that HIV positive young woman we reported on last update. This is her brief story. ‘I hid my disease from my first born daughter until I thought she wasRead More

kaptian kenya collage fellowship April update

A Widows Cry is Heard in Western Kenya

Thanks to a few saints who help us support dear brethren in Kenya, an HIV infected widow is now being led to Jesus. The obedience of a few 9,000+ miles away is blessing many. Join us. A young widow seeking help from our tailoring program had this story to tell.Read More

kaptian kenya collage fellowship

Multiple Western Kenya Fellowships and Sewing Updates

Hello dear brethren. We just finished our Friday evening fellowship with most of the brothers who normally are unable to come for fellowship on Sundays due to the stringent commitments at work. I briefed them on our tailoring project because as the body of Christ, together, we need to beRead More

Moi's Bridge Sewing Program March 2019 banner

Microfinance Sewing Program Sets Many Free in Western Kenya

After a successful initial training on the basics of sewing. The brethren from Moi’s Bridge received a big blessing as a sister versed in sewing returned. Brother Haron updates: “Many of the women in Moi’s Bridge lost their husbands in the 1992, 1997 and 2007-2008 political tribal clashes and areRead More

GMFC WFF Moisbridge Kenya

Stoves and Solar Light Up Western Kenya

MOISBRIDGE SOLAR LIGHTS AND CHARCOAL STOVE PROJECT UPDATE: This Week we visited some orphans, a widow and a widower that we have been supporting since Last year. Ever since we started, we have been providing food, clothing, shelter (to widows) with education and medication for many. Early this year, ourRead More

sister anzeth funeral no more pain

A Dear Sister is Dancing with the Angels

Hello Brethren. Much thanks to those who prayed and gave support towards Sister Azneth’s hospital bills. A team of 20 brethren from our Moisbridge Working Faith Fellowship traveled 200kms from Moisbridge through Kamili to collect the body of our dear sister. We then proceeded to Cheptais in Mount Elgon. EarlierRead More

wff gmfc vlog update kenya rift valley Christian Jesus

The 1st Vlog from Moi’s Bridge Kenya Fellowship

We have started a new Vlog style for updates. Enjoy as pastor Haron gives a glimpse of the children’s fellowship. Make a donation below to help us support the work of the Lord in Western Kenya.

January 2019 Kibera Slum Tailoring Dressmaking Training Moi's Bridge CrewJanuary 2019 Kibera Slum Tailoring Dressmaking Training Moi's Bridge Crew

Dressmaking for Jesus

Our kibera Trip was a wonderful experience not only for the Moi’s Bridge team but also to all GMFC mission fields in Kenya & Ethiopia that gathered in the Kibera Slum to train for tailoring and learning how to make godly dresses for our sisters in the church , widowsRead More

gmfc wff moisbridge Sewing machines Blessings Collage

Thanking Jesus for Blessings of Sewing Machines

Hello brethren. Please rejoice with us for what God has done for the widows, orphans and the church as a whole. Today, I officially presented the new sewing machines to the church. These wonderful machines were donated to us by our sponsors GMFC. The brethren sung thanksgiving songs and prayedRead More

gmfc wff moisbridge Siaya Paul Haron Dresses Christian Modesty

“A Miracle in Siaya Village”

Our trip to Sega was a wonderful and uplifting experience. Brother Paul Kipchumba joined me and we both agreed it was a big blessing to see the widows joyful smiles and to hear them sing songs of praise to Jesus. Looking at their Overseer, Brother Joseph, gave me a glimpseRead More

gmfc wff mois bridge traditions of men pagan days

Educating Children in the Truth Preaching Against X-Mass

Hello brethren, December was a month full of many false feasts/celebrations and many many other satanic functions. Some of the children in our church who are under our care still live with their unbelieving parents/guardians. This means they could involve these children in the pagan December activities.We decided to gatherRead More

113 Attend a 4 Day Youth Conference in Western Kenya

113 Attend a 4 Day Youth Conference in Western Kenya

UPDATE 12:29:2019: Praise God brethren. We thank God for you and we very much appreciate your prayers and support in whatever capacity /area that God is leading you to serve. We also thank God for the wonderful youth meeting we had from the evening of December 23rd through the 27thRead More

Kenya Missions Update

Deliverance and Visitors in Moi’s Bridge Kenya

Hello brethren, First, I would like to say THANK YOU to bro Jimmy for your heart felt prayers and interceding, words of encouragement and strength that you give us almost daily! I feel so much encouraged and stronger in the Lord! This Sunday, Sister Esther fellowshipped with us at ourRead More

Moi's Bridge Children Sponsor a Child sponsorship Kenya Poor 900x300

Before & After – Child Sponsorship Program

Here we will explain the incredible blessings that come about by our Child Sponsorship Program. Our indigenous mission leader in Moi’s Bridge Kenya states: “Earlier this year just before we started the sponsorship program, the children were on the streets often begging for food and not dreaming of attending school.Read More



BRETHREN, YOUR PRAYERS AND SUPPORT HAS CALLED MANY TO GENUINE REPENTANCE Brother Josephat battled years of addiction to alcohol drugs. His family had nearly given up on him and his kids no longer called him father and fear had paralyzed Josaphat’s life. Today, after we evangelized him months ago and after heRead More


Preaching to Multitudes at a Funeral in Uganda

UPDATE DECEMBER 2ND, 2018: One of our windows (Jane Situma) has lost her mother in Uganda. We traveled across the border from Kenya to Uganda through Lwakhakha town. We had earlier sent brother Stephen and sister Jane Situma to prepare and make available all that was needed for the burial ofRead More

A Traditionalist is Drawn to Jesus in Moi’s Bridge Kenya

MOI’S BRIDGE KENYA UPDATE 11-25-2018: Hello dear brethrEN, we praise Jesus in all that we pass through and in all that we encounter in this life while serving Him, our Almighty God. Not been feeling well for the last 3 days but I thank God on everything. On Wednesday, weRead More

New Fellowship Rift Valley Western Kenya

A New Fellowship is Born in the Rift Valley of Kenya

Hello brethren. We prayed, you prayed and God did it. This blessed update is about the fellowship that sisters Esther and Njeri had requested to be held at their place about 70kms from where our main fellowship is in Moi’s Bridge. On Thursday, we transported quite a good number ofRead More

moi's bridge kenya KENYA WFF GMFC

Souls Edified in Jesus

UPDATE 11-6-2018: We thank God for the unmeasurable love He gave us last week. We had wonderful fellowships. The first was children’s fellowship from 8:30 am to 10am followed by the adults that normally starts From 10:15am to 1:00pm. A young lady visited us to listen to our preaching. SheRead More


A Brother Helped by Others 10,000 Miles Away – Microfinance

Imagine being born in a country that has an average income of about $3.50 USD per day. The struggle to survive in on your mind daily as you work hard to put food on the table. It’s basically impossible to save any money at all as 80%+ is used justRead More

Mois Bridge Kenya WFF GMFC Moi's

Sister’s Esther & Njeri’s 7 Year Prayer Answered

UPDATE 10:21:2018 MOI’S BRIDGE KENYA: Hello dear brethren. Last week we had reported about two women who had attended a meeting at my home. Remember, we had arranged for this meeting to tackle some questions that our sisters in church were being asked by a lot of women not in ourRead More

Jesus Christ Moi's Bridge Kenya mois

The Word Transforms Lives in Moi’s Bridge Kenya

UPDATE OCTOBER 14TH, 2018 MOI’S BRIDGE KENYA FELLOWSHIP: Hello brethren, friends and all saints praying for us. God bless you all for your tireless efforts and prayers for Moi’s Bridge Working Faith Fellowship and the GMFC team on the ground here. Know that whatever you are doing for the poor,Read More

gmfc wff kenya

The Holy Spirit Leads the Brethren in Moi’s Bridge

Hello brethren, its with great joy that we take this opportunity to first thank God for all the mercies He is giving us as the Holy Spirit guides. Not forgetting the GMFC/WFF family for not ceasing to pray for us. Last week on Saturday, we had a tough time withRead More

GMFC WFF Moi's bridge Kenya GMFC

A Call to James 1:27 in Moi’s Bridge Kenya

UPDATE 9-23-2018 (Moi’s Bridge, Kenya): Praise God brethren, what a blessing and privilege it is to carry everything to God in prayer! Thanks so much for lifting us and our children (the orphans) up in your prayers. Thanks for praying for those who mentor and teach these orphans we areRead More

Gospel Tract Distribution GMFC Moisbridge Kenya Water Filters Sawyer

Clean Filtered Water & Gospel Tracts in Western Kenya

Hello brethren, friends and our dear sponsors. We want to take this time to sincerely thank our sponsors & friends. We thank you for your prayers and donations to us as without you, none of this would be happening. Thanks again for your outstanding support and generosity. We appreciate youRead More

Mois Bridge Kenya Fellowship Christian Update 9-9-1028

From Frown’s to Smiles in Moi’s Bridge (Western) Kenya

SEPTEMBER 9TH, 2018 UPDATE: Hello brethren. Greetings in the name of Jesus. Our God is a loving God whenever we abstain from all evil. We received hundreds of gospels tracts from our sponsor GMFC/WFF. This is a very wonderful blessing to our church. We have been praying and training onRead More

Mois Bridge Kenya Fellowship Christian Update 9-2-1028

The “Tall Man with Dreadlocks” Becomes BROTHER Josephat

Hello brethren, greetings in the name of Jesus. Our God is so gracious and He truly answers our prayers. Thanks for your dearly needed prayers that we are receiving from you. Please know that we really appreciate you for this and with much thanks we inform you that we areRead More

3 Weeks to a Miracle for 5 Orphans & Their Grandmother

Back on August 5th, we reported on 5 orphans that were living with their grandmother in a mud hut that was leaking and infested with termites. Just 3 weeks later, brother Haron reports on this miracle thanks to a few obedient saints of God. “I thank God for brother PaulRead More

Another Soul Draws Close to Christ in Moi’s Bridge Kenya

UPDATE 8.26.2018 Praise God brethren. God’s work is unspeakable as the tall young man I reported on a 4 weeks back, 3 weeks back, & his wife last week, made it to my home this past Friday (8.19.2018). The young man has been a serious critic of our preaching calling itRead More

Serving the IMpoverished Children in Moi's Bridge Kenya WFF GMFC 29

Souls Seeking Jesus in Moi’s Bridge Kenya

UPDATE: 8-21-2019: Two weeks ago, we reported on a ” one armed tall man” who was a well known drunkard and drug addict. Amazingly after many month of evangelism in his village, he came to our fellowship. He returned a week later also, report here. This week, he had a sick father heRead More

Serving the IMpoverished Children in Moi's Bridge Kenya WFF GMFC 29

The Spirit Guides the Obedient in Moi’s Bridge Kenya

UPDATE SUNDAY AUGUST 12TH, 2018: Hello brethren, once more thanks so much for your prayers and support. We are so glad and appreciative for your prayers. As you may know know, our ministry/mission is to live out the Word of God in His love being and be imitators of Christ preachingRead More

Serving the Impoverished Children in Moi's Bridge Kenya WFF GMFC 29

A Must Read & Watch Update from Moi’s Bridge Kenya

August 5th, 2018 UPDATE: GREETINGS TO ALL OUR BRETHREN, SPONSORS, SUPPORTERS AND ALL OF YOU WISHING US WELL. Thank you for all your kind and generous prayers and financial support for the deprived and abandoned orphaned children through our sponsor GMFC. We are serving the 40 orphans and 17 widowsRead More

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REJOICE! Another “Fish” in the Net for JESUS!

Hello brethren, our Lord Jesus Christ is so gracious. We had sent this video some time back this year. This middle aged man is one of the beneficiaries of our Moi’s Bridge life saving water project sponsored by GMFC. Back then we only had one water filter in our larger village.Read More

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Signing Holy Songs to Jesus in Moi’s Bridge Kenya

Hello brethren, friends and our dear sponsors. Thank you for your effort you took to pray and support us. The work that is being done through GMFC and their team here in the Moi’s Bridge Kenya mission fields and is truly a remarkable testimony of trust and obedience. To seeRead More

Grace Receives HIS GRACE in Repentance in Moi’s Bridge Kenya

Hello brethren, friends and our dear sponsors and supporters. Thank you so much for your valuable prayers and support that have been so helpful to us in our GMFC Moi’s Bridge mission field. Currently, we are serving God in three ways here. First, we have a church (Working Faith Fellowship)Read More

Paul Kip Working faith fellowship Kenya Global Mission for Children Sponsor a child Christian

A Disciple Grows and the Body of Christ Expands in Western Kenya

Hello brethren, I thank God for your prayers and support you are giving us. God has really blessed us through your efforts. We continue to see many lives touched and being changed. One of them in particular is brother Paul Kipchumba. This brother is really doing alot for the bodyRead More

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Children & Adults Transformed by Jesus in Moi’s Bridge Kenya

Praise God for these children from Moi’s Bridge Working Faith Fellowship. I have seen these beautiful souls being transformed day by day for the last six good months. These are the children who could not afford a single smile. They looked desperate, hungry, sickly and without hope. Thank you soRead More

Western Kenya Christians Sponsor a Child World Vision International Compassion POOR

Clean & Living Water in Mois Bridge Kenya

Brother Haron reports below: In this video you will see preparation we are doing for the water filters as well as we have started the distribution to the most impoverished. Today God gave us the opportunity to serve him by taking care of this needy souls. This mission has has justRead More

Western Kenya Christians Sponsor a Child World Vision International Compassion

Adults & Children Worship Jesus in Mois Bridge Kenya

Hello dear brethren. How are you doing? Yesterday we had very wonderful fellowships, both children’s and the adults too. Thanks for sending the learning materials we received from our sponsors (GMFC). The children are really excited for these biblical books and the two sided scripture cards, in fact, no childRead More

Western Kenya Christians Sponsor a Child World Vision International Comcassion

Walking as HE Walked in Moi’s Bridge Kenya

Below is a very wonderful short video of how we worshipped God by singing and prayers from brother Maurice.  The 2nd video are the children learning about Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego from the book of Daniel 3. God bless you as you watch. Hallelujah to God the Almighty. God surely answersRead More

A Marriage Reconciled – A New Creation Serving – Holiness Preaching in Moi’s Bridge Kenya

As the world waxes colder and colder as wickedness abounds, especially in the 1st world, the 3rd world is seeing true conversions as disciples are making disciples. Surely we have not lost hope for the 1st world as individuals can surely repent, it’s simply less likely as they are “Americanized” byRead More

Elders of the WFF Fellowship Praying as Parents Promise to Bring Their Child up in The Lord

Dedicating babies to God (simple prayer of thanksgiving to God). The parents have promised to bring up their child in Jesus.  Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

Raising up Children in the LORD Spiritually & Tending to Them Physically

Hello brethren, friends and our dear sponsors. We thank God for you all for your prayers and support that have been of much help to us in our ministry work with orphans, widows and the poor . We have seen lives of many change both spiritual and physical. The mostRead More

A New Creation is Baptized & Testifies in Moi’s Bridge Kenya

I have been praying for a just good friend of mine to repent and believe Jesus. God has done it. I visited him yesterday, spent some hours with him and by close to midnight, he genuinely repented and was ready for baptism. -Brother Haron Wanjala Amen praise God. Today, heRead More

4 Year Old “Leads” Worship & The Lord’s Prayer Memorized

In our children’s Sunday school fellowship have the privilege of focusing on biblical education. We guide children to a deeper understanding of the Bible and teach the children how to pray and witness to others. We do not meet only once a week, ideally, it’s a 7 day a week ministry. As theirRead More


APRIL 30TH, 2018 UPDATE: Hallelujah, brethren please join me in praising God for Him calling another soul out of sin. Immediately after the children’s fellowship, I decided to visit one of our orphans that our sponsor GMFC / Working Faith Fellowship is supporting. Word had reached me of her beingRead More

A Proselyte & House to House Witnessing in Western Kenya

APRIL 24TH UPDATE: THE POWER OF KNOWING THE PURE TRUTH…  knowing and understanding the truth empowers a true Christian to speak, preach, teach and share out that truth without fear or error. Today, God gave me an added opportunity to share out to my friends not in our church and alsoRead More

Youth Discipleship & Clean Water as Jesus Reigns in Moi’s Bridge Kenya

April 21st & 22nd Update: We had a very wonderful youth fellowship with dozens of young disciples between 16 & 25 years old this weekend. The Word of God was instilled in the brethren and we taught them to GO into the world to make more disciples. We also received theRead More

Physical Bread and Spiritual Bread for the Moi’s Bridge Kenyan Children

UPDATE 4-15-2018 Hello dear brethren, how are doing? I am still weak from malaria but steadily improving. Have been indoors for close to 3 days now. The church is fine here and most of the brethren are on the mission fields, some preparing while others are busy planting. On Sunday, IRead More

Living Out Matthew 25:35-40 – GMFC / WFF in Kitale Kenya

Hello brethren, friends and our dear sponsors.  We give thanks to God for you all for your prayers and support that have % enabled us to serve God and the needy, this includes sharing the whole Bible truth to the lost sauls. Today, myself, my wife, sister Eunice, brother Kennedy,Read More

The Sawyer Water Filter Provides Clean Water To Thousands in Kenya

Hello brethren, friends and our dear sponsors. This is an update from our GMFC Moi’s Bridge Kenya mission field. First of all, I thank and appreciate our sponsors GMFC / Working Faith Fellowship for supplying us with life saving Sawyer water filters. These filters are really a big blessing toRead More

Children Worshiping, Praying & Learning in Western Kenya

The fellowships here in Western Kenya are fine. It’s planting season here and for the last two weeks, brethren have been busy preparing for planting. Last week as I was going from house to house for one on one fellowship with the saints that attend our church, I discovered that someRead More

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Clean Water, Food for Needy Children and The Bread of LIFE in Moi’s Bridge Kenya

Most of the people here in Moi’s Bridge harvest rain water from their old iron sheet roofed houses. This is their only source of water apart from water from the boreholes which are scarce and also dirty. This iron sheets are rusty and full of peeling off aluminium paint. ResidentsRead More

Praying Moi's Bridge Kanya Christian Child Sponsorship Feeding Poor

Moi’s Bridge Experiences the Love of Christ

Whatever the road condition, whatever the weather, reaching to the fellowship is a need. Thanks to God for our ministry motorcycle. Today, my son had to make several rounds to the homes of the saints to help the children and the weak reach the fellowship place in time due toRead More

The TRUTH is Preached in Ahero Kenya with Great Resistance

“Praise God brethren. I thank God so much for your prayers and support. We had an outreach mission to the far western part of Kenya (Nyanza region) in a place called Ahero, 250 kms from our home base in Moi’s Bridge. We traveled 4 of us in this mission. Myself,Read More

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Physical & Spiritual Food in Moi’s Bridge Kenya

Brother Haron updates us below: “Praise God. I thank God for giving me an opportunity to interact with children from different homes. We teach them the ways of God and give them food. It was a blessing to bring some to the church. Praise God for our fellowship room. ForRead More

WFF Mois bridge Kenya fellowship Christian

The Fellowship of the Saints in Western Kenya

This weeks fellowship in Kenya was incredibly blessed (as they all are). We update in video below:   Brethren reading the bible and exhorting each other in Spirit & in Truth. Worshiping the Lord Jesus in Spirit & Truth in Moi’s Bridge. Brother Kennedy ministering the Word in yesterday’s fellowship.Read More

Moi's bridge Kenya Sponsor a Christian Child Sponsorship

True Worship with Song, Scripture Reading & Prayer in Moi’s Bridge Kenya

The brethren worship the Lord in Spirit & Truth at the WFF fellowship in Moi’s Bridge (Western) Kenya. This update is in video. Enjoy and please help these brethren as they go into the world and preach the gospel (Mark 16:15).

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