Children Worshiping, Praying & Learning in Western Kenya

The fellowships here in Western Kenya are fine. It’s planting season here and for the last two weeks, brethren have been busy preparing for planting. Last week as I was going from house to house for one on one fellowship with the saints that attend our church, I discovered that some of them still keep portraits of a fake Jesus on the calendars hanging on their walls. The ones with long hair, really fair skin, etc. They had to pull them down for maintaining the pictures is living a lie, and it’s also teaching our children lies through these portraits. Glory to God for the Truth as we shall not compromise as we shepherd the flock in righteousness.

Our new Sawyer water filters are fixed on fifty liter containers. It has become of much help and a big blessing to our villages. Last week, our area administrator had a meeting of about over 70 villagers. He requested me to assist him with this particular filter for pure, clean water during their meeting. On Saturday this week, the same administrator has requested for it again to serve in a funeral in the home of one of the villagers. I will also attend the funeral and will take a video for the glory of God. The sawyer water filter is really a blessing in our village.

Yesterday being our Lord’s day, we started children’s fellowship as usual from to 10.30am. Then the general fellowship was from 10.45am to 2pm and because we are training brothers for outreach ministry, yesterday was brother Alfred’s time to preach what God had put in his heart and also getting used testifying to people outside the church. Glory to God it was wonderful.

Next Sunday we will have an outreach ministry at Kitale County Referral hospital. Tomorrow, brother Kennedy will collect a permission letter that will allow us to visit the patients. We have prepared food stuffs to give out to them. All to be done to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. Pray for that mission brethren and thanks to all our supporters. Below you will see pictures and videos from the weekend’s fellowship brethren. Amen & glory to God. -Brother Haron


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