Gospel Tract Distribution GMFC Moisbridge Kenya Water Filters Sawyer

Clean Filtered Water & Gospel Tracts in Western Kenya

Hello brethren, friends and our dear sponsors. We want to take this time to sincerely thank our sponsors & friends. We thank you for your prayers and donations to us as without you, none of this would be happening. Thanks again for your outstanding support and generosity. We appreciate you making the effort to pray for us too. Your prayers and support have played an important role in our life saving Sawyer water filter project. With your contribution, we have been able to help the poverty affected villagers in our Moi’s Bridge location. The brethren and the villagers are very happy and grateful to you. The filters have actually led to a few true salvations. Imagine that! Glory to Jesus.

Also, the villagers reap benefits of pure and clean water and save money that they would have been spending on treating diseases caused by dirty water. We have realized that it is wonderful and pleases God whenever people in need receive special care and experience the compassion of Christ. This project is and will remain to be such a blessing for many people for many years to come. The fact that this project is the fruit of so much love and sacrifice of those few over there who are faithful to the word of God inspires us here on the ground to also labor tirelessly by offering all the strength in us serving the poor and the needy. Last week we visited some of those villagers that we had given the filters to. It was much a blessing to meet them and share the word of God to them. Each household has really maintained its filter in good condition. We helped others to clean their filters by showing them how to backflash the water filters. One family’s case was so touching According to this family, the only source of joy and hope was the blessed filter. Food, shelter and their children’s education is what they are still seeking God for. See some photos and short videos below of our pure water project. Please support us to serve God and the needy in this poverty stricken village of Moi’s Bridge, Kenya . Peace in Jesus name. Haron Wanjala (Kenyan Overseer)

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