Mois Bridge Kenya Fellowship Christian Update 9-9-1028

From Frown’s to Smiles in Moi’s Bridge (Western) Kenya

SEPTEMBER 9TH, 2018 UPDATE: Hello brethren. Greetings in the name of Jesus. Our God is a loving God whenever we abstain from all evil. We received hundreds of gospels tracts from our sponsor GMFC/WFF. This is a very wonderful blessing to our church. We have been praying and training on how best we can make this tract outreach distribution ministry work out for God’s glory. God blessed us to understand that one of the best ways to begin actively sharing our faith with the lost, especially strangers, is to begin distributing Gospel tracts. So many of us, myself included at one time, were afraid of the response we would get by handing someone a tract. This is the kind of fear I had before I started house to house evangelism. The more I stepped out on faith, the more the Lord proved to me that He is always with me as I abide in Him. God IS faithful brethren, and through this obedience of fishing for souls, we are now fellowshipping with new brethren in the lord. Paul, Daniel and now Maurice and Josephat together with his wife are fished out of the sea of sin unto His marvelous Light. Gospel tract distribution seems to be one of the best God’s provided ways for us to get out of the “four walls” of our church building and walk the narrow way into the God’s ripe field to harvest souls for Christ. Being our first time in this outreach with these new multi-page gospel tracts, we are considering not to leave any stone unturned. We are planning to visit all public places; petrol station pumps, public restrooms, grocery stores, hospitals, restaurants and anywhere that God leads us to serve Him. We are encouraging the brethren in both our fellowships to take a few minutes each day where they step outside and sow some gospel seeds. For this is not only rewarding, but also a great joy knowing we are being obedient to the Lord Jesus Christ and our faithfulness may just be the tool God uses to bring a lost sheep into the Kingdom.We are very grateful to our sponsors GMFC for their support and prayers. Please, we ask any God fearing brother or sister outside there to pray and support us so that we can able to reach out to more lost souls. Below is a short video of our training fellowship in brother Maurice’s house. Peace in Jesus name. Haron Wanjala (Overseer)

Praise God brethren. Our Sunday’s children’s fellowship was really wonderful. I personally really thank our Almighty God for what he has done for these dear children. These are the innocent souls that six months before GMFC support ago had no hope, were desperate, hopeless and just affording one meal maybe three times on one week. The support of the brethren thousands of miles away is a big miracle to them. Our hearts are ever full of joy whenever we see them playing & dancing for the Lord and reciting memory verses from the Bible. And this is why we have all reasons to thank and appreciate our sponsors and supporters GMFC/WFF for making these little souls smile again. It’s our humble request to all our friends, prayer partners and all of you that have seen the wonders that God is doing in our church, that you continue praying for us and if touched and willing, donate to support us to serve more children in need, there are so many. God bless you all in Jesus name.In our children’s fellowship, we teach them to pray and show care for themselves and for then to witness to their friends who are still in darkness. We also trained some of them and give responsibilities of servantship in the fellowship. Amen glory to God for this young Abel whom you will see below, a very instrumental and inspiring boy to our children’s fellowship. Bless the obedient. Bro Haron

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