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The Church

Our mission and fellowships are the impoverished remote area of Western (Rift Valley) Kenya. Just like the developed world, Kenya is full of false churches preaching a powerless gospel that does not convict or save. There are many “prosperity” and “word of faith” wolves there too lining their pockets and selling false “signs and wonders”. 2nd Peter 2 is truly in full-effect and sadly, the churches on “Main Street” are not a blessing, but a curse for the lukewarm “Revelation 3:16 Christian”.

The church is led by brothers Haron Wanjala, Kennedy Masika & Luka Hamisis, who are indigenous missionary to Northern Kenya & Southern Ethiopia and have been leading our mission there for the last 5 years. We just constructed the church this month and will be having the first meeting this Sunday, December 17th, 2017. We appreciate all our supporters and pray for you to continue walking that narrow path of salvation enduring ’til the end for final salvation.

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Click on a name below for the bio of the overseers:

Haron Wanjala

Kennedy Masika

Luka Hamishi

James Miller

Our Doctrine of Faith can be read here.

We pray you join us as we preach the true gospel of Christ Jesus that saves from sin and damnation. Joy is only found in the Lord when one lives holy and righteous. AMEN

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