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The Cry of the Orphan with Jiggers in Kenya

A debilitating issue in Kenya, Jiggers runs rampant especially in rural Kenya. About 3 million people in Kenya are infested and growing. help us do something about it. 

UPDATE 11-11-2018: A number of the orphans we are taking care of are infested with jiggers. It’s heart-wrenching to see the orphans crying in pain because their feet are infested by jiggers. One family among the several we visited were in much pain and cannot walk properly although on seeing us, they managed smile as we prayed for them and are also praying for help from the dear brethren who have the means to. Their grandfather, who also has jiggers, says his grandchildren cannot sleep because of the pain. The children’s mother died two years ago leaving her three sons and a daughter under the care of their ageing grandfather. The family depends mostly on the few donations we give them and neighbours for food and clothing. The old man is also not spared We saw him the entire time scratching both his feet in pain. “I have tried to find a solution to this menace to no avail because I, too, am stricken. Only God can rescue us,” He narrated. “I cry out to well-wishers to help us”. Our heart breaks. Praying for help in Jesus name. AMEN. -Brother Haron (GMFC / WFF Overseer)

We thank God for Our sponsors GMFC for the great work they are doing to provide for these orphans and the poor children. The feeding program is a tangible miracle in our village. Now that the schools are closed, we are feeding them thrice a week. All glory to God. Much blessings in Jesus Name. -Bro Haron

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