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A Personal Request from Dear Young Sisters in Kenya

I received a humble and urgent request from our Kenyan mission fields. I pray you join me in helping these precious souls that have to choose between personal products and food. Here is the request from our indigenous missionary, brother Haron Wanjala:

Hello dear brother Jimmy, how are you? For us here we are generally OK striving to serve the Lord with all our ability. Our young girls in church aged between 12 and 18 years approached me with a very unique but very essential need. They are in need of sanitary pads. I learned from them that they have been wanting to tell me this but were shy. They told me that they used to get free sanitary pads from well wishers through the schools but they no longer receive anything since the schools were closed due to Covid-19 in March. They now depend on their parents to provide the sanitary products and most all of them are forced to prioritize food since their source of income has been affected by the poor economy. I request for prayers and help for these many young precious girls from our four churches. Also brother I will together with 3 other brothers travel to Uganda on this coming Sunday, God willing. We love you dear brother. God bless you.

-With Christs Love, bro Haron

After I read this, I researched what is available in Kenya and came across a very innovative solution for just $5 per year per individual named AFRIpads. Glory to Jesus! Between all of our Kenyan mission fields there are 200 girls/women that need immediate help. Please consider donation below for Christ’s sake. Just a card number and email is all that’s needed. Thanks so much.

Donate to Help Buy Personal Necessities for the Impoverished
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