Grace Receives HIS GRACE in Repentance in Moi’s Bridge Kenya

Hello brethren, friends and our dear sponsors and supporters. Thank you so much for your valuable prayers and support that have been so helpful to us in our GMFC Moi’s Bridge mission field. Currently, we are serving God in three ways here. First, we have a church (Working Faith Fellowship) based here at Moi’s Bridge Mlimani Market. In our church we don’t only worship God but we also train brethren and send them out to the fields to preach repentance and holiness. Secondly, we are currently taking care of 40 orphans and 17 poor widows plus the poor and the needy in our region. And third, we have a clean and pure water project that so far has helped hundreds of souls in the Mlimani, Kware and Mbita regions.

We give out life saving water filters plus containers and this has created an opportunity for interaction with the locals and so we preach christ to them. All these are happening through your prayers and support and we really appreciate these blessings. This week, some of the brethren went to Busia for brother Luka Hamisi’s father in laws funeral. I and brother Paul went out for our usual rounds through Ziwa Machine region preaching repentance to everyone. One woman listened to us and after sharing the gospel to her, she promised to visit us today (Sunday) at our church. Praise God brethren she surely came and heard the truth deeply and widely. Then, after fellowship, she requested to talk to elders and finally accepted Jesus fully in her life by repenting of all her sins and promising¬†to live holy and walk as Jesus walked (1 John 2:6). Amen and Amen. Bellow is a video of her being prayed for by the church elders. God bless you all. Brother Haron Wanjala

Sister Grace repents by confessing her sins. We praised God and glorified him with songs for what he had done. Amen

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