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Signing Holy Songs to Jesus in Moi’s Bridge Kenya

Hello brethren, friends and our dear sponsors. Thank you for your effort you took to pray and support us. The work that is being done through GMFC and their team here in the Moi’s Bridge Kenya mission fields and is truly a remarkable testimony of trust and obedience. To see these precious children in person and to see the care and love they are given and to see that every dollar is spent righteously with many prayers answered is such a blessing. I am so impressed with what our God is doing. There have been many bumps along our journey and time in this ministry taking care of orphans and the needy, but that is life for us Christians and we strive to do the best we can as our Lord’s commandments require. We of course do this with HIS joy in our hearts no matter what the circumstance. That is a lesson that so many of these kids have learned at an age they should not have to. Life is not always fair as there are many things out of their control and there are things they may never understand, but they always need someone to be there, to encourage them, to love them, to speak truth into their lives and to stand by them no matter the circumstances. For so many children here, this is what GMFC/WFF is to them . The children are shown by example day in and day out how to live a godly life and the importance of spiritual growth and unity with one another and not to give up in doing what pleases God. GMFC has been that SOMEONE TO TAKE THEM BY THE HAND AND TO SHOW THEM THEY ARE WORTHY, VALUED AND LOVED DEEPLY BY THEIR HEAVENLY FATHER. There is no doubt that God is over this precious organization. Things that only He can do, things that only He can orchestrate are taking life and flourishing due to the commitment and faithfulness of GMFC team on the Moi’s Bridge mission grounds and our sponsors. I’m blessed to have been apart of this and my heart only grows bigger for this family. The definition of joy describes the children in our orphan program perfectly. These children have so much joy and they now have hope, support and someone who not only believes in them, but also puts those words and prayers in action to help them pursue their purpose and calling! What greater gift in life could amount to this? Amen and glory to God. Bellow are a few videos from our last Sunday’s children fellowship. God bless you all. Brother Haron Wanjala

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