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Sister’s Esther & Njeri’s 7 Year Prayer Answered

UPDATE 10:21:2018 MOI’S BRIDGE KENYA: Hello dear brethren. Last week we had reported about two women who had attended a meeting at my home. Remember, we had arranged for this meeting to tackle some questions that our sisters in church were being asked by a lot of women not in our church and some we normally interact with while out for outreach ministry. After fellowship, two women promised to visit our church on Sunday and I think they wanted to hear more about what we teach and believe concerning several areas in the Bible. Amen & praise God. God brought them back on Sunday and while the fellowship was underway, they requested to be allowed to greet the congregation. And this is what they said in brief.

“Seven years ago we were both in the SDA (Seventh Day Adventist) church. One day while at a funeral, a man not known to us preached against false doctrines and false churches. This preaching in particular changed our mind completely that we had to leave the SDA cult. This man baptized us after a week but unfortunately, he died due to cancer. We have stayed for seven years outside these false churches. We don’t have TV’s and are not on Facebook either. We have been praying for God to connect us to brethren that genuinely believe in the whole Bible without adding or taking away. We have now found the true fellowship and true brethren we have been praying for. We request you send us one or two brothers on Sundays for fellowships since we are a bit far from the Moi’s Bridge fellowship and we will come to Moisbridge main fellowship once a month.”

Please brethren, join us in prayer for these precious Sisters in Christ. The outreach ministry is bearing fruits for Christ. God bless our sponsors GMFC for the prayers and support. A few videos below of Sisters Esther and Njeri. God bless you all. -Haron Wanjala

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