Serving the IMpoverished Children in Moi's Bridge Kenya WFF GMFC 29

Souls Seeking Jesus in Moi’s Bridge Kenya

UPDATE: 8-21-2019: Two weeks ago, we reported on a ” one armed tall man” who was a well known drunkard and drug addict. Amazingly after many month of evangelism in his village, he came to our fellowship. He returned a week later also, report here. This week, he had a sick father he was attending to but sent greetings and encouraged his wife to come to church. She came and even invited me to visit their home on Friday this week, praise Jesus. We even prayed for her in church yesterday. She is the one kneeling for prayers in orange blouse. Please join us in praying for this couple and for them to truly repent and give their lives to Jesus.

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God is giving us grace and ability to understand and live his word . These verses have really inspired us to walk the narrow way in this ministry of serving the less fortunate, the orphans, widows and the needy. {Deuteronomy 15:11, Ezekiel 16:49, Isaiah 58:7,10} We thank God for our sponsor GMFC who is not only enabling us to achieve this but also supporting us to send out local missionaries to feed the poor at heart with the Living Bread as the true word is preached and also to offer them Living Water (Jesus) which will never run dry. Amen, glory to God. This well never run out… this bread never fails and it is available for all who come to Christ in faith and believe in and obey Him. We thank God for giving us an opportunity last week to preach to the poor, pray and to serve them food. God bless you all for your prayers.
Peace in Jesus Name. Haron Wanjala

At the riverside encouraging these poor children how to wash their clothes and to be clean.

We have started gathering building materials for that poor families house. We thank God for the donkey Cart.

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