Serving the IMpoverished Children in Moi's Bridge Kenya WFF GMFC 29

The Spirit Guides the Obedient in Moi’s Bridge Kenya

UPDATE SUNDAY AUGUST 12TH, 2018: Hello brethren, once more thanks so much for your prayers and support. We are so glad and appreciative for your prayers. As you may know know, our ministry/mission is to live out the Word of God in His love being and be imitators of Christ preaching the Gospel while allowing the Holy Spirit to make disciples through us. We dedicate our lives in service giving all we can to this mission and the people who come seeking Jesus, while leaving the results up to God. We want to do all this with only God’s love, His strength and exclusively His provision so that in all things God the Father may be praised through our Lord Jesus Christ to promote and advance the teaching of Christianity by preaching biblical observances, tenets and doctrines outlined in the bible. We support and maintains local missionaries in order to keep the great commission of Matthew 28:19-20 alive in our villages. This is why we have every reason to thank God for you because through your prayers and support, we are able to achieve all this. God bless our sponsors of GMFC. Below are the updates from our last service. After the preaching it was time for everyone to pour out his/soul before God in worship. That tall man we told you about in last weeks update came back on again. I don’t understand how God is working out in his life just yet but he is back a 2nd time and seeking for sure. This Man comes a few minutes before preaching starts and leaves immediately after the last prayers. Join me in praying for his soul. If he comes back next week, I will try to seek some time with him. May God’s will be done. Peace to you. Haron Wanjala

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