Mois Bridge Kenya Fellowship Christian Update 9-2-1028

The “Tall Man with Dreadlocks” Becomes BROTHER Josephat

Hello brethren, greetings in the name of Jesus. Our God is so gracious and He truly answers our prayers. Thanks for your dearly needed prayers that we are receiving from you. Please know that we really appreciate you for this and with much thanks we inform you that we are praying for you too. We have a few updates from our GMFC/WFF Moi’s Bridge mission field below. Once more, God bless you as you read what our good God is doing for us here, it’s miraculous. For about the last 5 weeks now, we have been reporting about this “tall man with dreadlocks” who has been coming to our church. Praise God brethren, we no longer refer to or call him the “tall man” man anymore. He is now a repentant BROTHER Josephat. This Sunday he stepped forward without the dreadlocks on (just as he had promised to cut them off at our meeting last Friday). He confessed his sins and asked to be prayed for. You can see him in the photo and two short videos below in white and light blue tracksuit and white pants. With him is another young boy and his wife who accompanied him for prayers. Hallelujah brethren, this is God working in mighty ways! Just a few weeks ago he was accusing us of going against the other “churches” in the area and disliked our message. We now prayed and rejoiced in the lord for him. We had a lot of grace for prayers yesterday. No one was in hurry for anything. We prayed for ourselves, our brethren, our sponsors and supporters and lastly, not forgetting those we are related to in one way or another that are still bound in sin.

One isolated prayer item ignited compassion in everyone’s heart in church. There is a case where a very poor and sickly single mother of four deserted her little children to unknown place,though it is suspected she might have traveled to Nairobi or Mombasa to seek for a job leaving behind her very own children with her 80 year old grandmother. Thank God for brethren in church as all 4 children were each taken and welcomed in homes of brothers who have committed to take care of these children until this mess is sorted out. We are also praying for the aged grandmother’s soul to repent and accept Jesus as her Saviour and Lord. We request for your prayers for these families. Thank you so much, our sponsors of GMFC, for giving us the financial support for us reach this souls in need of both physical and spiritual support. There is so muchs more to do but we praise God for what we are doing day after day with what HE provides in HIS timing. Peace in Jesus. -Haron Wanjala

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